About Us.

Hi friends!

Lingorank is a simple tool to improve your English listening skills. Lingorank is for both students and teachers. To be absolutely clear, Lingorank is not part of any business and it is completely free, and still in development. This tool is part of the work of a group of English students and freelances who try to help the ESL community.

A big thanks to TED.com for sharing wonderful talks with the world and to Wordnik.com for their outstanding dictionary. This site wouldn't be possible without the API and content they provide.

A big thanks also to linguists like Paul Nation for their work in English language learning and vocabulary coverage in English texts, the University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language at the University of Lancaster and the University of Oxford for their work on English corpora and the resources they provide, the Council of Europe for the CEFR, a common framework developed for language learners, and the individuals involved in the development of wonderful packages like NLTK for language processing, and many others...

If you want to contact Lingorank, you can reach us on our Twitter account or by sending us an email at hello (at) lingorank (dot)com

Enjoy improving your English listening skills with lingorank .com!